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Fit4Duty has been specifically designed to help some of the most dangerous industries keep their employees, equipment, and customers safe. If you work in any of the following industries, or anything similar, Fit4Duty is your way of ensuring that everyone is safe before an accident can even happen.

How It Works

Fit4Duty is a Smartphone App that measures your employee’s cognitive ability through a 60 to 90 second test. Once taken, Fit4Duty instantly analyzes the results and notifies you on your employee’s readiness for work. Whether impairment by alcohol, drugs, or fatigue, Fit4Duty will make sure that you know your employees and business are safe.



  • The Realities of Substance Abuse and Fatigue on Your Company
Substance abuse and fatigue are some of the biggest threats to employee safety and company profits. Using Fit4Duty, you can make sure that your employees are ready for the challenges of the workplace.

47% of industrial deaths and injuries linked to substance abuse.

Over 20% of managers and employees believe a co-workers substance abuse jeopardizes their productivity and safety.

70% of illicit drug users are currently employed in the US.

51% reduction of injuries to employees for companies that perform substance abuse testing within two years of implementation.

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