Atacama Resources International, Inc. (OTC:ACRL) is a public US Corporation committed to a diversified portfolio of developments, products and services that fall within the expertise of the executive team.

The company’s initial line of business is a combination of mining, acquisition and development of mining interests in the Kirkland Lake region of Ontario, Canada where activity is proceeding well.

ACRL recently announced that the company is engaged in a new line of business that will make the highways of Canada and the United States safer and saves lives in the process. As part of its expansion portfolio, ACRL developed Fit4Duty – an entity that has the rights to an app that detects levels of cognitive awareness and reports those levels in accordance with the users’ demands and requirements.

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*Atacama Resources International, Inc. is a Florida Corporation, **Fit4Duty, Inc. is a wholly owned Florida Corporation, ***Atacama Resources international, LTD is a wholly owned Alberta Corporation.